Invite & Earn Rewards

Fliptango Rewards - Earn more even as you spend

You can never be too old for gifts, or to share some joy! That is why with Fliptango, you get rewarded as you buy, sell or invite members to the Flipcircle. You can use your points to shop more or even share it with your friends! The more the merrier, always.

How are my points calculated?

Reward points are added to your account each time you make a transaction on Fliptango, like buying, selling or requesting a service

You can check your reward points anytime by logging into your Fliptango account

Points will be added depending on the weight of transaction you have done

The reward points you receive can be converted to AED and credited back to you or shared with your friends on Fliptango

Seller Points - Based on commissions received while selling pre-owned items. And yes, this would also depend on buyer feedback

Buyer Points - When you buy an item from Fliptango, you earn a few points in return. Isn’t that cool?

Invite points - When you invite your friends and family to join Fliptango, you also earn few reward points for yourself. Spread the joy!


Calculate Rewards Points

Best way to say thank you!


Buy, Sell, Swap or Rent

Your each activity on Fliptango is counted for rewards. We value your trust in us and it helps us grow!


More to do, more to earn!

When you buy or sell more, you earn more. It's time to go on a regret-free shopping free with Fliptango


Convert your points!

Unlike most other services, we don’t give you points you can’t use. Your reward points can be converted to AED.


Do more with your earnings

Your can shop more with the points you earn or you can share or gift them to your friends or family on Fliptango

Reward point earning pattern

200 Points

For registration

500 Points

Downloading app

100 Points

Profile creation

500 Points

Your first buy (Web)

1000 Points

Your first buy (app)

250 Points

Social media feedback

250 Points

Refer a friend

500 Points

Provide active address

100 Points

Sharing rewards

500 Points

Rate the app

500 Points

Sharing FT picks and news on social media

1000 Points

Integrated buy (2 or more products together)

250 Points

Sharing blog

100 Points

Using auto detect location

1500 Points

3 star rating

2500 Points

5 star rating

500 Points

Refer a partner

500 Points

Pay through wallet

1000 Points

Add money to wallet

1000 Points

Re-book service or buy again

Have a friend who might like it here?

Everything's more fun when friends are around! Invite your friends to Fliptango’s world of convenience while earning yourself some brownie points!

How easy is that? Getting your best buddy a premiere lifestyle assistant while getting rewarded up to 500 AED! Use your credits to shop till you drop! Invite your friends today!

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