• Q1. What is Fliptango ?Open or Close

    Awkward haggling is a thing of past !!
    Fliptango is the easiest way to buy, sell, bid, swap, share & rent within your community. We take the hassle and stress out of finding your next home, trading preloved items, renting a car of your choice, requesting an on demand service and so on, making it simple, secure and easy at the touch of your fingers. We take care of payments, scheduling, pick up & delivery, insurance, and much more!
    We currently serve UAE.

  • Q2. Which Emirates do we currently serve ?Open or Close

    We currently serve the whole of UAE.

  • Q3. What is Fliptango service charges ?Open or Close

    Listing is free on Fliptango & it will always be. When you make a sale of your preowned items, we charge a small fee from the selling price of your item. The exact amount of the fee is displayed right before publishing an advertisement.
    The selling fee typically ranges between 10% - 15% of the selling price of the item and varies depending on the price (i.e., the higher the price, the lower the percentage).
    This allows us to provide you with customer support 7–days a week, helps advertise your item(s), handle payment processing, quality checks, returns, and providing the necessary insurance.

  • Q4. How can I be a part of Fliptango ?Open or Close

    To join Fliptango, click here. You may register as an individual and can invite your friends too.

  • Selling on Fliptango

  • Q1. How do I create a listing?Open or Close

    Creating a listing is very simple. Just click on Post your Ads at the top of this page and fill out the details. When listing, you will be required to add pictures of your items, provide details and a brief description, and name your price.

  • Q2. How do I price my item ?Open or Close

    Furniture loses up to 60% of its value once it leaves a store. We advise sellers to price items at at least 50% off their original cost. You can visit our calculator section to get a better idea on the value of your items, properties and others.

    During the listing process we also provide a recommended price for your specific item based on the brand, the item's conditions, and past historical sales through our site.

  • Q3. I’ve sold an item, What’s next?Open or Close

    Once a buyer purchases your item, your advertisement will be marked as ‘Sold.’ From there, we will notify you via email, sms and push notifications about the purchase or closure and will ask you to confirm the sale request.

    If the buyer requests a Fliptango delivery, we will ask you to accept the pickup/delivery dates our system suggests. You will be given few options according to available timeslots by our delivery team, you just have to choose any one. We will then ensure we drop by in time and collect your item.

    If a buyer requests a self pickup, we’ll provide you and the buyer with each other’s contact information through email and sms once you confirm the sale and the buyers pickup date and time. You can select the pickup date and time from your dashboard.

  • Q4. How and when do I get paid?Open or Close

    Earnings from sales are transferred to your bank account, via direct deposit. To get paid, please make sure you've successfully added your payout preferences under your dashboard.

    Payment will be visible in your Fliptango Wallet five to seven business days after the product is delivered and accepted.

    You can get paid by opting for withdrawal from your Fliptango Wallet in your dashboard. Once you click on withdraw funds, you will receive the funds via direct deposit, depending on your bank's processing time.

    If you do not receive your payment within that time frame, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your payment.

  • Q5. How can I get my pre-owned items verified?Open or Close

    Preowned items verification provides your item with an authenticity stamp that our buyers can trust. If you wish to get your items verified, please buy the verification add on from your dashboard and choose the timeslot at which our team can come by and check out your items. Once reviewed, we will update your posting with the 'Verified' stamp.

  • Q6. What items can I sell on Fliptango?Open or Close

    You can sell all type of pre-owned furniture, home furnishings, accessories, electronics that are clean, usable, and accurately represented.
    We do not allow the sale of the following items for the specified reasons below:

    (i) Hygiene

    a. Mattresses

    b. Box springs

    c. Bathroom and kitchen goods

    (ii) Items with structural integrity issues(Damaged, Broken, Torn)

    (iii) Faulty electrical equipments

    (iv) Fake and replica goods

    For detailed list of items that we do not allow, please check our Terms and Conditions page. If a seller’s listing violates these guidelines in any way, we reserve the right to delete an item from the site.

  • Buying on Fliptango

  • Q1. How do I buy an Item ?Open or Close

    To buy an item on Fliptango, simply locate an item you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart.

    Once you are ready to purchase, go to your shopping cart and click on 'proceed to purchase request' – that's it!

    Don’t know where to start? You can take the assistance of our dynamic search and other conveniences including budget buy!

  • Q2. What happens after a purchase ?Open or Close

    Once you submit a purchase request, we will inform the seller and hold your payment. The seller has 24 hours to confirm your purchase. If the seller confirms, we will process your payment. If the seller doesn’t confirm the request on time, we will cancel the sale and release the hold on your account.

    Once the seller confirms the sale request, we will proceed to schedule the pickup and delivery on our system. Typically, you will receive your product in 3 to 5 days.

    If you choose to pick up an item yourself, you should select minimum 3 timeslots at which you can go to the seller’s location. Once any one timeslot is accepted by the seller we will provide you and the seller with each other’s contact information through email/sms and the sale is confirmed.

  • Q3. Can I pick up an item vs. have it delivered?Open or Close

    Yes, as long as the seller provides it as an option on their listing. When you add an item to checkout you’ll be prompted if you’d like for the item to be delivered or picked up by yourself.

    If you decide to pick up an item yourself, it's important to keep in mind that:

    We’ll provide both parties with each other’s contact information via email once a sale has been confirmed.

    You should verify the item for accuracy at the pickup location before taking it. If you encounter any issues with the item, please leave it at the pickup location and contact us via email - We’ll be happy to assist you.

    Note: If you take the item, we cannot hold its discrepancies against the seller and we will be obligated to complete the sale.

  • Q4. Is it good to buy a pre-owned item?Open or Close

    Buying a pre-owned item is good for your pocket and the environment too. Check out our blog post on why pre-owned items are good for you.

    When you buy a preowned item through Fliptango, you can be assured that we will show you only those options that are good to use. We firmly believe - Never sell something you wouldn’t choose to buy for yourself.

  • Q5. I can’t find a specific item on searching. What do I do?Open or Close

    Try searching with a different, appropriate keyword. If still not able to find, go for the ‘Alert me’ option so we can notify you once the product is available.

  • Q6. Does Fliptango give any assurance for pre-owned items?Open or Close

    Yes, we do. If you can see a verified mark on an item, it means the product is already verified by Fliptango. You may not find it on some ads, but still, if you wish to choose an unverified item, go ahead. Our multi-layer verification & quality assurance process at the time of pick up along with the money back guarantee and no cost resale policy will ensure a safe buy. At Fliptango, we always assure that you get the best because we believe you deserve the best.

  • Q7. How can I make sure my furniture fits in my building/apartment?Open or Close

    Please make sure the furniture you’d like to purchase, fits through your hallway and door. Take the time to review the measurements of the item you're getting and compare them to the space that you have at home.

    It's recommended to verify that the width of the entry-way exceeds either the item's depth, diagonal depth or height.

  • Q8. Why buy Pre-owned from Fliptango?Open or Close

    Here are few of many reasons, why you should buy from Fliptango.

    (i) Variety of products

    (ii) Inbuilt quality assurance

    (iii) Easy return policies

    (iv) No awkward haggling

    (v) Hassle-free payment options

    (vi) Saves time and provides ease

    (vii) Decrease your carbon footprint

  • Pickup & Delivery

  • Q1. How much does delivery cost ?Open or Close

    We offer the simplest delivery fees out there! Most items fall under the AED 100 flat-rate delivery bracket. Smaller items get delivered for AED 25, and extra large items can go up to AED 125.

    Extra large items tend to require an extra delivery team member and additional time to complete.

    For more information on this, please see our delivery pricing page.

  • Q2. Can I shorten my time window?Open or Close

    Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot promise a shortened window given the un-controllable circumstances like traffic.

    We would suggest that you ask a friend, neighbor, or member of building staff to help cover a part of the window just in case.

    Additionally, our delivery team notifies customers 15 - 45 minutes in advance before arrival, which should help you to plan appropriately.

  • Q3. Do I have to disassemble my item?Open or Close

    If your item requires disassembly, our delivery team will disassemble the item for you at time of pickup. It’s important that they do so as it will help them understand how to reassemble the item quickly at the buyer’s location.

    If your item is already disassembled, our delivery team will take the item in good faith. However, the seller will assume full responsibility if any pieces, screws, and/or tools are missing.

    Additionally, our delivery team notifies customers 15 - 45 minutes in advance before arrival, which should help you to plan appropriately.

  • Q4. How does delivery work?Open or Close

    If a buyer chooses to have their item delivered, we’ll pick up the item on the date(s) the seller agreed to.

    Our delivery team will notify customers by phone/sms/email that they're on their way 15 - 45 minutes before arriving. At pickup, our delivery team will:

    Here are few of many reasons, why you should buy from Fliptango.

    (i) View the item for accuracy and authenticity vs. the listing.

    (ii) Ensure the measurements are correct.

    (iii) Inspect for cleanliness.

    (iv) Take photos to validate the condition of the item.

    (v) Wrap and cover/pack the item for delivery to its new home.

    If the delivery team notices a potential discrepancy with the item’s condition, they will reach out to the fliptango team and buyer to gain approval for delivery.

    Once the item is verified, our delivery team will wrap, cover and deliver the item to the buyer.

  • Q5. When does Fliptango pick up and deliver items?Open or Close

    We pick up and deliver items 6 days a week, expect on public holidays!

    There are four time windows that you can choose from. Customers must be available during the entire window in order for us to pick up and deliver items on schedule.

    Our delivery timings

    We deliver all days except friday 7.30am to 2.00pm

    There are three time windows that you can choose from

    Customers must be available during the entire window in order for us to pick up and deliver items as schedule.

  • My Listings

  • Q1. How do I edit my listing?Open or Close

    To edit your listing, just sign in and go to your listings, in Dashboard.

    Once you’re there, scroll to the item you're trying to edit, click on ‘View Details’ and ‘Edit Listing’. Don’t forget to click on ‘Publish my item’ once you’re done! If it’s a verified listing, you need to buy the verified add-on again so that we can verify it once again.

  • Q2. How can I sell faster?Open or Close

    To increase your chances of selling furniture is to have a complete listing. That means having great pictures, providing complete descriptions, and pricing your items competitively.

  • Returns & Refunds

  • Q1. What is Fliptango’s return policy?Open or Close

    All sales are final on Fliptango. However, buyers may request to return an item and get a refund if the item was misrepresented in the listing. In this case the seller's earnings will be returned to the buyer.

    In the case of a self-pickup, the buyer must inspect items carefully at the pickup location. If a buyer notices any discrepancies with the item, they are advised to not take the item with them. Otherwise, our return policy and money back guarantee will not apply.

    Read more about our Returns and Refunds policy here.

  • Q2. The item I purchased does not match the listingOpen or Close

    If your item arrives and it doesn't match the listing in condition, brand, size, or authenticity, just let us know. we will give you a full refund.

    Please contact us within 24 hours after your item is delivered with evidence of the discrepancies. Keep in mind that we cannot hold sellers accountable for any discrepancies to the item if you respond after the 24-hour window expires.

    Read more about our Money-Back Guarantee policy here.

  • Q3. What happens if my item does not fit into my building?Open or Close

    If an item you purchased does not fit in your place but the dimensions in the listing are accurate, we will proceed with completing the sale. Since sales are final, you cannot return the item, but you will have the choice of either accepting the item or keeping the item and re-selling it on our site(no-cost resale).

    In the case that you want to re-sell the item you purchased, we’re happy to waive the selling fees. Make sure you click on the no-cost resale button within 24 hours to opt for re-sell. Keep in mind, you'll have to keep the item until the item re-sells. Otherwise, we can have the item stored at an additional cost until it re-sells. If you don't see the ‘No cost resale' button, your 24 hours have already expired.

  • Q4. How do I return an item?Open or Close

    In case of a return, you can always contact our customer care team, via call-backs, chat and email. You can follow their guidance and get your refund.

    Note: You have 24 hours, after your item has been delivered, to request a return. After this, we can no longer process your request to return.

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