Get a full refund - it's simple!

Get the item you ordered, or your money back

You can claim a refund for items that fall under these categories:

  • Wrong item / Missing item or parts / Doesn't match the listing / Major product flaws
  • If your item arrives and it doesn't match the condition as described in the ad, brand, color, size or authenticity, let us know! If it doesn't match we'll give you a full refund - it's that simple.

Money back guarantee

If your item arrives and it is not as described in the ad, be it brand, item condition, color, size or authenticity, let us know! List down the differences and we'll give you a full refund - it's that simple.

Contact us within 24 hours after your item is delivered citing the discrepancies with evidence. Keep in mind that we cannot hold sellers accountable for any mismatch if you respond after the 24-hours. Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment.

No-cost resale

If you decide you don't like an item you've received even though it's the right piece, we'll help you to resell it through Fliptango - and we will waive our fees to help you earn back your cost. Go to your "Dashboard/My Orders" to initiate a resale within 24 hours of receipt of your item.

Hands-on resolution

You will always have a real person here to speak to. We are here by phone, email or chat to help you through any concerns or issues.  Contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue immediately.

Why are sales final?

Once you submit a buy request, Fliptango removes the item from the platform and informs the seller to remove it from Fliptango market place. This means seller lose the option to sell it to anyone else. Missing the opportunity to sell an item can be very problematic for a seller, as they are often in a time crunch before a big move or other challenges. Before selecting an item it's important to be confident in your buy.

However, buyers may request to return an item and get a refund if the item was mispresented in the listing. In this case the cost of the product will be returned to the buyer.

In the case of a self-pickup, the buyer must inspect items carefully at the pickup location. If a buyer notices the product is not as per ad listing, they are advised to not take the item with them. For self-pickup, our return policy and money back guarantee will not apply.

What happens if my item does not fit into my building?

If an item you purchased does not fit in your place but the dimensions in the listing are accurate, we will proceed with completing the sale. Since sales are final, you cannot return the item, but you will have the choice of either accepting the item or keeping the item and re-selling it on Fliptango using no cost resale option.

In the case that you want to re-sell the item you purchased, we're happy to waive the selling fees. Keep in mind, you'll have to keep the item until the item re-sells. Otherwise, we can have the item stored at an additional cost until it is re-sold.

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